Funded the project of "EKO QOMPANI ILMIY ISHLAB ChIQARISH" LLC to expand the production of water purification filters and polyethylene pipes

The main purpose of the project
and direction:
Expand production of water purification filters, polyethylene pipes and drip irrigation systems
Amount of investment:
935.7 thousand US dollars (own funds - 470.0 thousand US dollars, funds of the investment company "Khorezm Invest Project" LLC - 465.7 thousand US dollars)
Required land area:
Look at the community, the city of Urgench, the territory of the Industrial Region
Job creation:
30 people
Project start and start date
January 2021
December 2021
Product capacity:
31.2 thousand filters, 312,000 m / year polyethylene pipes and 25,000 hectares of drip irrigation systems
Product names:
Water purification filters, polyethylene pipes of various sizes and drip irrigation systems.